A long established independent publisher

Xavier Nicod is in the music business since 1981.

He started as A&R at Intersong before becoming Copyright, Royalty and Licensing manager at Warner Chappell Music France in 1985 . He set up NOTA BENE MUSIC in 1991, convinced that the majors can’t offer the service most clients deserve when a huge recoupable advance is not their main target.

He has since developed an unique expertise in the collection of royalties with the goal to pay more royalties to the clients that they have ever earned before. The commission taken being more than absorbed by the raise of the royalties paid.

With such an experience in the music business, Xavier is one of the most talented person for sourcing and securing synch deals. This explains why many important independent publishers rely on him for over twenty years. If you want to take profit of his experience, then contact us.

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