Music publishing

They do the show, we do the business

Music publishing is a business requiring knowledge of process, precision and patience. The roadmap of income between the user and the creator is not a straight road and demands a reliable guide.

Even, if your works are correctly registered with your originating society, it doesn’t mean that you’ll easily get your foreign royalties.

Registering carefully all your works, fighting to get back your counterclaimed copyrights and finding out all your income that is held are everyday tasks we do with passion.

Our team and our high profile partners have the science to maximize your income in European key territories (France, United Kingdom, Germany, Nederland, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Scandinavia, etc..) from performance to mechanical rights and other income types.

If there exist rights to exercise and to collect, it is part of our business.

Whatever is your current situation, if you want to improve your income, we have a solution for you:

You are not happy with your current representation :

Although your works are performed in many countries, the royalties you receive from your subpublishers is desesperately low. It’s may be time to change ! Our job starts by making a complete audit of your copyrights in all the key territories,  and recover your missing income.

You are not represented yet:

You’ve never been represented outside your territory. Most of your copyrights are unrecognized by foreign societies and your income has been probably unpaid until now. We are the right partner for you to search and find out your past income and to guide future royalties to you.

You are specialized in music production for Films & Commercials:

You are specialized in music production for international well-known TV shows or for pan-european commercials. It is unlikely that you will be collecting any foreign income without a good subpublisher. As a matter of fact, there are some specific local registrations to make for films, tv and commercials to collect income.

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