We bring their money to the talents

Music publishing Administration, Royalties collection, Income tracking, Music Licensing and Neighbouring rights management are our main skills.

We have been developing many ways to raise up the level of income of different types of catalogues from mainstream to niche market. We have especially an outstanding experience into the collection of income from compositions used in commercials and films.

As the exclusive french representative for more than twenty years of one of the world leading independent music publisher, CARLIN MUSIC, we have already made proof of our reliability in the field.

We also administrate the copyrights and neighbouring rights for an extensive network of clients like copyright owners, songwriters, artists and labels who are giving us their trust since years, because they know that we do our best to find the least penny generated by the use of their works.

Sync of the moment

We could be a great partner for you to enhance your revenues in all these territories where you do not have the knowledge of the processes, the specificities or the existing income types.

Don’t hesitate to contact us, to discuss further about your catalogues and the way we would be able to help you.

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